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In the background, the mountains and hills that surround the city of Korça, bring a light breeze. The bells of the cathedral "Resurrection of Christ" can be heard closer, from below the fading noises of the city are intertwined with the mystical music of the environment. You are on the terrace of IN Gallery, where time is just a concept, where the mixture of aromas that arise from the open kitchen of the restaurant, bring to mind the culinary traditions of the past.

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The menu based on the Albanian culture brings back dishes of Korça tradition, such as the dry aged country sausage, or koftas, that are as old as the city itself. The focus of the cooking is the meat specialty. This is especially the case for dry-aged beef, which is known for a richer flavor and more tender texture. In the dry-aging process, meat hangs in a humidity-controlled environment in a way that exposes all of its sides with unimpeded airflow around the entire cut.

Ethnic dishes, already internationalized, like Babaganuash or Hummus, are cooked for all our vegetarian friends. Desserts are also prepared with love and artisanally, which makes them the ideal choice at the end of a delicious meal. The unforeseen taste combinations will make you think in a whole new different way.


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